Wood burns easily!

Wrong. A wooden beams holding fire was longer than for example a concrete pier or steel beams . Wood contains up to 15% water which must be evaporated first in a fire (with a ton of wood these are 150 kg). In addition, the carbon layer acts as a protective coat.

Wood is not durable!

Wrong. The evidence to the contrary is available at each center : half-timbered houses . Sometimes even the 13th Century , the wooden frame of these houses are still in great condition. Or Venice : As everyone knows , the lagoon city stands on stilts - and has been for over 800 years.

Wood is not robust!

Wrong. Wood is in proportion to its high strength, relatively light. Therefore, it is once again a popular building material for buildings , bridges , industrial buildings, kindergartens, etc. The Olympic Hall in Lillehammer, the " Viking ship " , for example, is of wood.

Wood isolated bad!

Wrong. The cell structure of the timber storing the heat . Therefore, wood is a very poor conductor of heat , which is good for insulation . You can try it yourself . Keep your hand first on a wooden panel and then click a brick. The wood feels warmer.

Wood is wet!

Wrong. Wood is often used as building material in a humid environment such as Swimming pools , saunas and bathrooms used because it has a moisture- regulating. It is only important that damp wood can dry again.

Wood is rustic!

Wrong. Wood is more than ever for a new, modern architecture and enables easy, imaginative constructions. There are also wood products today in various shapes and colors , from funky profile to extravagant floor.

Wood is attacked by pests!

Wrong. There are three ways of wood preservation: 1.The structural wood protection, which prevents the wood is wet and thus vulnerable (eg eaves or ventilated casings ). 2. The natural substances such as wax and linseed oil. 3. Chemical wood preservative, but which increasingly is becoming less important . Timber does not need to be impregnated, for example, when it has been kiln dried.

Wood becomes scarce!

Wrong. The forestry works on the principle of sustainability, It means it is no longer used as wood grows. The annual new growth (about 60 million m³ ) is currently used to 2/3. Moreover, falls to a large part of the wood in thinning. Forest thinning is care and ensures stable, healthy populations.

Wood is expensive!

Wrong. Building with wood is a great way to save money. Particularly the domestic spruce is an inexpensive building material. Because wood can easily handle the construction period is shorter and you can do a lot of in-house performance .